The Projects

Phase 1

Our phase 1 strategy is to focus on vacation and short term stay rentals. The following companies like AirBNB, VRBO, and others have been a major factor in the massive growth in this industry space. Our first test property in this sector was the Verano Palace located in Miramar Beach FL. This property has proven itself to be revenue generating , profitable, self sustaining and has added appreciation to its valuation.

Phase 2

Our phase 2 strategy will focus on affordable multi unit complexes consisting of duplexes and condominium style buildings and smaller style apartment developments consisting of 4-6 buildings averaging 20-30 apartments.

Phase 3

Our phase 3  strategy  will focus on multi unit projects in the workforce,  Mixed use, garden style, high density,  luxury, market rate, student housing,  senior and assisted living and affordable housing developments.